Aviation Bulk Storage: 

  • Automation and Bulk Aviation Storage Upgrades
  • Inventory Management and Control Systems
  • Loading Systems
  • Defueling Systems
  • Tank Cleanings
  • Non-Invasive Options (in most cases)


Bulk Fuel Tank Storage: 

  • Automation and Upgrades
  • Repairs to Current Systems
  • Non Invasive Tank Cleaning Systems (in many cases)
  • Rack Installations
  • Construction
  • Inventory reconciliation services
  • Inventory Control Equipment
  • Compliance Consulting and Asset Audits.



  • Envana Energy Inc. has the capacity to construct new Bulk Fuel Storage Sites, from steel to concrete. Utilizing the latest technology, our engineers will design a system to suit your requirements.   Envana Energy Inc. will keep your assets running efficiently for years to come.



  • Envana Energy Inc. is an Authorized Service Provider for Measurement Canada and uses liquid fuel provers certified by Measurement Canada.


Parts and Service:

  • Envana Energy Inc. has access to the latest parts, equipment and technology available in the Petroleum Handling Industry, including that available for loading and unloading liquid fuels to transportation and delivery.  Our team will find the right product for your needs.



  • Envana Energy Inc. is a registered Transport Canada  B620-09 service provider.   Our fully mobile services allow inspections to take place at the customer’s convenience and on the customer’s property with no need to shuffle vehicles.


Envana Energy Inc. is:

  • Familiar with Bulk Fuel Trucks and Aviation Bowsers
  • Licensed for Repairs, including welding repairs, to MC and TC 306 and 406 Tankers
  • Able to Provide Repairs to all Makes and Models of Fuel Transport Equipment
  • Able to Update Delivery Trucks with the latest in POS Equipment
  • TSSA Registered contractor # 000173055
  • Manitoba Conservation Approved Contractor
  • Remote Community Work
  • Transport Canada # 25-0965  B620-09
  • Confined Space Rescue Services
  • Non-Invasive Tank Cleaning
  • TDG, WHIMIS, Licensed Fuel Truck Drivers
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Environmental Management System (Based on ISO 14001)
  • Full Safety Program
  • Licensed Mechanics
  • Electrical Services
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Systems
  • Fully Insured: 5mm ea. GL, O&E, Pollution, Airport Property Insurances