About Us


Petroleum Experts

Envana Energy Inc., located in Thunder Bay, Ontario and servicing both Ontario and Manitoba, focuses on Industrial Petroleum storage and delivery systems as well as fuel specialties such as additives and Biofuels.

With a combined 30 years of experience in the field, Envana Energy Inc. has both the capacity and the knowledge to fulfill your Petroleum and Biofuels needs by providing you with high quality parts and service.

Our many products and services include a full range of Diesel Additives, Fuel Laboratory Testing, Microbial Cleaning Products, Tank Cleaning and Inspection, Construction (retail and industrial), Decommissioning of Bulk Plants and Retail Outlets and Meter Calibration.  We especially welcome unique and unusual requests as we have the capacity to provide you with the solution you require.

Envana Energy Inc. is an Authorized Service Provider for Measurement Canada and is therefore able to provide customers with meter testing and calibrating according to Measurement Canada regulations.  Our accurate proving equipment ensures that your sales are on the money so you will not have to worry about lost sales due to an incorrect meter adjustment.

To ensure that the fuel in your tank is ready for sale to your customers, Envana Energy Inc. offers tank cleaning services and a unique fuel polishing system which makes certain that the inside of your storage, above ground and below ground, is free of sludge and debris.

We do not require entry into most systems.  This reduces your cost dramatically and ensures that your storage is safe from the perils of some of the new fuel configurations.

We understand at times you may be needing last minute and emergency services.  We strive to implemented your solution as quickly as possible. If we cannot fulfill your request in the timeframe that you require, our team promises to inform you of this up front.

For more information on our products and services, please contact us at info@envana.ca.